About Playa Vista


Looking for a traditional coastal neighborhood on the Westside of Los Angeles? How would you like to walk out your front door and say hello to your neighbors? Or simply take a five minute walk in the morning to get coffee and pick up your dry cleaning? How about meeting up with friends at the local restaurant after work? At the end of the day, would a visit to the state-of-the-art gym and spa across the street help you unwind?

If your answers are yes, our answer is “Playa Vista”.

Playa Vista is a modern interpretation of the traditional small town in a 21st century urban setting. This new community exists within the framework of the Los Angeles cityscape, developed with elements that will remind you of traditional neighborhoods.


Playa Vista is a beach-style, unincorporated city and part of the Los Angeles area of Southern California neighbored by Marina Del Rey and Culver City. It was once the site owned by, famous aviator, Howard Hughes and the birth place of his creation, the Spruce Goose, which has the largest height and wingspan of any aircraft. In 1998, former President Bill Clinton chose Playa Vista as one of six communities that would be part of (PATH) Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing, which means that it is one of the most advanced technological communities ever planned. The community was also created to be very environment friendly by using non-toxic and recycled materials and energy efficient systems. All the parks and landscaped areas of Playa Vista are services with 100% recycled water.


There are currently about 6,000 people calling Playa Vista, California home. The population has more than doubled in size since 2000 when there were only about 2,400 people. This extremely diverse locale is among Los Angeles County’s cities with the highest percentage of divorced and/or widowed men and women. Also, about 11 percent of the population is veterans. The current zip code is 90094 and the area code is 323. It has one of the highest percentages of Asian people in Los Angeles County with about 22 percent. The average age is 37, but Playa Vista also holds one of Los Angeles’ highest percentages of residents 65 and older. The average household size is two people.


Playa Vista, CA is the location for many popular and well-known businesses nationwide. Companies such as Rubicon, Microsoft, Facebook LA and YouTube Space LA are located in Playa Vista. The popular electronics manufacturer, Belkin, and internet company, ICANN, have their corporate headquarters settled in Playa Vista, as well.

Real Estate

As of 2008, the median household income was $68,597, which is considered average for the county and is comparable to Studio City and East Pasadena. As of 2011, the estimated median Playa Vista home and/or Playa Vista condo value was at about $673,000. You can find unique architecture and sophisticated Playa Vista Condos, Playa Vista Apartments, and luxury homes when looking to relocate to this united community. Homes for sale in Playa Vista can be a homeowner’s dream come true.


Playa Vista is part of the Los Angeles Unified School District. Over 25 percent of residents have acquired a four year degree. There is the new Playa Vista Elementary School, which was developed through the partnership of the Los Angeles Unified School District and local Loyola Marymount University. Local schools available to Playa Vista residents are Playa Vista Elementary, Orville Wright Engineering and Design Magnet Middle School, Marina del Rey Middle School, Westchester Enriched Sciences Magnets and Venice Senior High School.


Shoppers and Foodies can visit shopping centers like the shops at Concert Park and Fountain Park. They are currently developing the Runway center, which is expected to be opened in 2015 with shops, banks, markets, theaters, and restaurants galore. It will be opened in the area that was one part of Howard Hughes’ property. There are 19 parks total and about 12 more acres planned to be added.